Diamond Dot Painting

Diamond Dot Painting

Diamond Dot Painting

A Brand New Craft!

A more in-depth explanation of how Diamond Dot Painting works!


Diamond Dot Paintings

These unique pictures allow you to create your own 3D glittering images with the help of various small beads. These make for great holiday projects or hobbies! By using a special tool to glue your beads and various codes to put together the image, you're able to create a great visual effect. Here's some close ups of what your working canvas looks like...

An Example Of A New Image

Some designs come as fully beaded images such as this one. The entire image needs to be completed with beads. Others have only a partial section requiring beads.

Diamond Dot Key Code

Using the key code and relevant matching beads you can create the correct colors throughout the image.

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The Process

Creating your 3D Diamond Dot image can take a reasonable amount of time depending on your pace and the detail of the image. Essentially everything you need to complete the project is included in the pack, namely extra glue, a dotting tool and the relevant beads. Instructions on how to go about the beading are also included. Here's what you would get in your pack...

Various Beads Needed

Each design comes with it's own beads to complete the project. These were the ones needed to complete the lighthouse example as shown above.

Dotting Tool, Extra Glue & Bead Tray

These are the 3 essential tools needed to complete your image. It's also a good idea to keep some tweezers handy just in case you make a mistake while sticking on the beads.

Finally - The Completed Image

And here's the result! Please excuse the scissors... If you have a close up look you can see all of the small beaded detail. Plus it also shimmers or glitters when under the light.

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Designs Available

Our designs change all the time when we receive new stock. There are various kiddies options as well as framed and unframed options. Go to Toys & Baby - Puzzles & Games and look for Diamond Dot Painting Kits.

Whether you're looking to keep yourself busy with a new hobby or have a stunning new piece of art, these Diamond Dot paintings are a fab option.

If you're interested in more info about how they work or the costs of various designs - please feel free to contact us. We will be getting new designs in every so often so stay tuned for more. We hope you're able to give this new addictive hobby a try! 

Much Love,

The Fat Whale Team

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