Makers Spotlight: Crafty Beach

Makers Spotlight: Crafty Beach

Makers Spotlight: Crafty Beach

Hand Crafted With Love!

Hi All! We’ve decided to write another blog showcasing some of our favorite products in store - our frames! These beauties are all 100% locally designed and hand made by Sanda and Mark from Crafty Beach. They make a range of home decor items but today we’ll be focusing in on the frames.

Here’s a little more product info and why we love them.

Crafty Beach Logo

Completely Unique

For us the greatest part about the Crafty Beach range and particularly their frames, is that they are all 100% unique. Since they’re all made individually by hand with various pieces of wood, no two frames are identical. This means you’re buying something that no one else will have and will be completely unique to your space. They’re also really versatile and can be hung in any area such as lounge, outdoor patio or even bathroom etc. Many customers have also purchased the frames as gifts for family and friends - we know we’d be stoked with a present like that!

Natural & Homely

The overall concept of Crafty Beach is rustic, natural and homey with a modern touch using vibrant colors and unique imagery in their frames. Many of our customers have purchased the frames because they love the overall piece, including the picture inside. The frames are pieces of art in themselves. Recently they have added images of bunnies and rabbits which have proved to be popular buys for nurseries. They now also have a great range with various South African words and their meanings. Perfect for your bar or braai area.

Crafty Beach Frames

100% Local

If you’re wanting to support locally made products these frames are the perfect opportunity. Sanda & Mark have been making their frames and other home decor items since 2009. They are extremely creative and are always coming out with new designs from their small factory in Gordon’s Bay. The range of frames are inexpensive considering each one is hand made and painted. Thank you to all of you who have purchased our frames thus far!

Crafty Beach Frames

Our Best Sellers

We’ve stocked the Crafty Beach range of frames for a few years now and they never cease to sell out. We have chosen our 3 most popular designs below for various reasons.

  1. Long plank frames. These are by far the most popular sellers in store. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes depending on how many pictures fit into the frame.

  2. Box frames. You can create a really stunning visual with these frames. They come in both and A5 and A4 sizes and are designed to really highlight one impressive image. They can be hung on the wall or are even stable enough to stand on a side table.

  3. Signal frames. We know these are popular due to their funky half colored half bare wood feel which makes them really fab. Combining a whole lot of these in all three sizes, namely jumbo, A5 and A4 will create a stunning visual story on your wall.

Due to the nature of the frames and each one being unique, not all of our styles are available for purchase online. Pop by the store to browse the entire collection.
Frame Collections
Here’s the details for Crafty Beach so you can see more. Make sure to give them a like on Facebook and visit their website.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting locally made product. Continue to spread the love on social media and stay up to date with our latest arrivals.

Much Love,

The Fat Whale Team

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