Makers Spotlight: I Love It Here

Makers Spotlight: I Love It Here

Makers Spotlight: I Love It Here

Everything We LOVE About South Africa

Hello again! Welcome to our second blog in the "Makers Spotlight" series. In this article we'll be highlighting one of our beautiful ranges - I Love It Here done by local artist Cathy Joubert.

Cathy Joubert

I Love It Here by Cathy Joubert

From scenes of the Karroo, ocean views, wild flowers and African animals - Cathy strives to capture the beauty of SA from every angle. 

We have just received brand new products from her and we're really excited to showcase them. Cathy is passionate about photography and uses her images to create wonderfully whimsical designs. All of her work is 100% original and we quote "not even one tree is photo-shopped in"! She travels all over SA to capture moments and turn them into every day reminders of what we love about SA.

Cathy Joubert Blog Post

Her choice of pale blues, fresh greens and scenes of Africa make this watercolor themed collection especially eye catching. Whether you're going for something from the sea, fresh botanical designs or African Nguni cows - her collection has something for you.

Cathy Joubert Blog Post

Currently we stock a range of fridge magnets, fabric pot holders, purses, toiletry bags, tea towels, face cloths and scatter cushions.

Visit our store to see Cathy's range!

Much Love,

The Fat Whale Team

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