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Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog

Hi All!

So we thought we'd start off our blog section with a little info on what we plan on achieving through our various blog posts. We are so excited to showcase SA talent throughout our store as well as let our local customers know our latest news.

To accomplish this we've decided to do 3 different blog series. 

Series 1:

Latest Arrivals & News

Our goal here is to have a weekly / biweekly update on what's fresh, new and exciting in store. We are constantly on the search for new products that will keep our store not only unique but also interesting for our local Ballito customers. If you pop by on a regular basis this blog series will be super helpful for knowing what our latest arrivals are. We'll also use this blog series to let our readers know about any store news / updates.

Store Scenes Blog Post

Series 2:

Product Showcase

We have so many great products in store that it can at times be overwhelming! Here we would like to showcase our various products via category. If you're looking for something specific then these blogs will be great to help you find products. We may also showcase our products via collection and give a brief overview of our supplier or zone in on one particular product and highlight just why we love it so much.

Store Scenes Blog

Series 3:

Inspiration & How To

Lastly we want to not only inspire our customers and shoppers but also give some helpful "How To" tips on various topics such as gifting, home decorating and more. We hope our tips and tricks will help keep you interested in our blog posts and thus keep you coming back to our store.

Store scenes blog

All in all we hope you enjoy reading our various blogs and have a great shopping experience with us here at The Fat Whale. Remember that we are a physical store but we can post / courier items across South Africa if you can't visit us in person. Please feel free to send us any queries or questions via email. You can fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

Thanks for reading! Here's to many more future blogs...

Much love,

The Fat Whale Team

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