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Our Team

We love what we do. Our small team consists of two hardworking ladies that do everything from social media to website updates, placing orders, merchandising and helping our wonderful customers. Of course, there's an entire family supporting us behind-the-scenes!

Meet Malia - Store Owner & Buyer

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 Hi, my name is Malia! I'm the Fat Whale designer, buyer, social media & website manager, store merchandiser and owner. I'm super passionate about retail but especially about supporting local creators and artists from all over SA. I have the support of the most amazing family and friends, especially my parents who've taught me the ropes of retail for the past 10 years and been in retail themselves for the past 25.

Retail is not easy BUT there's that the feeling you get when you're proud of your store, products, staff and everything in between that makes it all worth it. Plus you get to buy and display the most beautiful goodies - which is kinda the best part!

Growing up, playing "Shop-Shop" was one of the regular games my sister and I loved - we'd empty out mom's cupboard and ring food through our little plastic till -  who knew I'd continue playing it as a career!

Meet Thandazo - Store Assitant & Expert Gift Wrapper

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 Hi, I'm Thandazo! I've been working in retail for the past few years and my favorite part of the experience is helping customers. It's wonderful to see people who are excited about what they're purchasing and putting together gifts for loved ones.

I'm always amazed at the handmade products coming into the store - there are so many wonderful local brands out there! It's a great thing to be able to support local.

Our Name

Fat Whale Logo

 So many customers ask how we came up with "The Fat Whale" - simply put it was quirky, memorable and 100% unique. We wanted something that people wouldn't forget. Whales are unique, beautiful, graceful and mysterious. They nurture, form friendships, innovate, grieve, play, sing and cooperate with one another. Plus, they're family orientated animals, just like our store is supported by an entire family of people.

Our Store

Over the past 4 years we've changed, adjusted & developed the concept of our store to what it is today. What makes our space truly unique is the fact that it caters to all ages and tastes. We really do have something for everyone!

From homeware and decor items to toys for the kids and even a present for dad. With our latest adventure we have relocated our store to a brand new home in Durban North. We are so happy to be part of the community here and we know that The Fat Whale is already loved by the locals!

Thank you for supporting our little store and local products. We appreciate all of our loyal customers!


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With Love,

The Fat Whale Team