Become A Supplier

Supplier info page
Looking to be part of the our Fat Whale Fam? If you have a product or range you feel would work with our brand we'd love to hear from you. Please take the time to read the below information to make sure you include all of the required details.

In order for your products to be considered please email us directly with the following information:

  • A product catalogue/presentation or clear photographs of your product(s). You should also please include photographs of the product packaging.
  • A wholesale pricelist (showing VAT exclusive prices) and Recommend Retail Prices (RRPs) for each product.
  • Minimum order quantities (MOQs) and lead times.
  • Estimated delivery fees to our store in Durban North, KZN.
  • Where your products are being sold, particularly in the Durban area as we try to keep our offering as unique as possible.
  • A little bit about your business and what makes your product/ range unique. We try to support small local brands and businesses over imported goods.

A few important things to keep in mind:

  • We only accept supplier submissions via email. Please do not send info over social media/whatsapp as messages can be easily missed.
  • Packaging is extremely important. Your finished product needs to look professional and be practical for a retail environment. Please be sure to include images of your final packaged product/s.
  • Your product/s need to be well thought out and branded.
  • Our focus is on gifting and smaller décor items. We do not stock furniture/ large art pieces or clothing.
  • Our main store categories include the following: Cards, Jewellery & Accessories, Home Décor, Stationery & Art, Ceramics & Kitchen Items, Scented Products, Bath & Body Products (no skincare), Confectionery & Deli Products, Souvenirs and Toys & Baby products. If your products do not fall into any of the above mentioned categories then we will more than likely not consider stocking it.
  • Our goal is always to support locally made products as much as possible - please do not email us regarding cheap imported items.
  • Most of our stock is purchased up front - wholesale margins therefore need to be worthwhile for us to invest in and the range of choice needs to be substantial.
  • We do our best to keep our products as unique as possible and try not to have too much cross over with suppliers. Please browse our site to check if we already stock items too similar to your range.
  • We do not stock any products that overlap with the Kensington Superspar in our centre. If you already stock the Kensington Square Spar or any other store in Kensington Square, please don't email us.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Fat Whale Team